Plant-based substitute for egg, based on vegetable proteins.

Plant-based egg Vegge in a big package for those who cook a lot. It took us almost two years to develop the formula and we can say with conviction that this product is one of the best vegan substitutes for chicken eggs in terms of composition, taste and cooking properties. Vegge has a liquid form and can be used not only for making vegan versions of scrambled eggs and omelette but also for baking pancakes, homemade pasta, pies, cookies, desserts, and etc. It’s free from the food allergen and does not contain dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, or nuts. It is made with sunflower oil, chickpea flour, and vegetable proteins from peas. Vegge is cholesterol-free, and GMO-free.

Weight: 1820g
Shelf life: 60 days. After opening keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.
Storage: 0 °C + 4 °C.
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